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    While thinking, suddenly there was a cannon sound in Trang Tu, a shell flew into the sky, pulled out a parabola like a roller coaster, and fell in the middle of the Japanese soldiers who were bravely attacking Trang Tu! With an explosion, a rain of blood splashed among the Japanese soldiers, and several Japanese soldiers fell in pools of blood. This cannon stunned the Japanese, where did this cannon come from? Who is shooting at them? Before he had time to react, another bullet flew in, landing right next to the squad leader. With a thud, the squad leader's raised command knife flew into the air along with a piece of his arm. The bullets continuously fell, shot quite accurately, each shot caused casualties to the Japanese troops, the Japanese soldiers cried for their fathers and their mothers. The Japanese army could not avoid panic, screaming and retreating, artillery shells continuously hit them, causing heavy casualties. How to fight this battle?

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